About Me

I'm not that complicated.
Then again, maybe I am.
My Favorites - I love this team.

  • The number of times in TEN years I've skied without crying (Do not feel sorry for me.  Feel sorry for my husband.)
  • The row we always sat on growing up in the Baptist church
  • The grade I was in when my teacher said I might be a good writer someday
  • The number of times I've considered calling DHS to come get these darlings because parenting is just so hard. (Luckily I came to my senses in time.)
  • 11 Countries I've visited
  • 17 The number of kids' teeth I've pulled
  • 24 The number of places I've lived in my life - all within the same 150 mile radius
  • 40  The age I was when I delivered my last baby.  (All the "advanced-maternal-aged" mommas in the house say 'Yeah!')
  • 49 Best guess for the amount of change you can find at any given time in my car
  • 350+ Combined total of kid football, lacrosse, wrestling and soccer games I've watched (Honestly, shouldn't I understand the game rules by now?)
  • 1989 The year I graduated high school
  • 3000 Estimated combined attendance at single mother conferences where I've been privileged to share the love of God with women raising children alone
  • 22,000 Approximate number of diapers I've changed in this life - just from the people I birthed
  • All The number of my best days ahead of me

My Boy Squad