Kid Three Wants to Be Baptized

One of the greatest joys in this life is to see my children desire to follow Christ.  At nearly 8 years old, Kid Three has been asking to make this decision for quite a while.  We've held him off regarding baptism because we wanted to be sure he didn't just want to get into the 'big pool' and show off his mad water skills.

He persisted in his desire, stating over and over, "But my heart belongs to God and that is the next step."

I find myself wondering, is he old enough?

He is old enough to know that following Jesus is the biggest decision of his life, but too young to feel the weight of that decision the way he will as a teenager.

He is old enough to understand Christ died for his sin, but too young to have experienced the temptation that will entice him as he gets older.

He is old enough to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit beckon him to 'come', and too young to pridefully ignore it.

He is old enough to give his heart freely to Jesus, because he is too young to have it stolen by anything else.

Jesus commanded his disciples to let the little children come to Him.  (Matthew 19:14). He explained to His disciples we must all become like children to experience the kingdom of heaven.  Our faith in Jesus must be without reservation, without question, fully dependent on the faith I see in Kid Three. I'd never recommend telling a child he/she is too young to understand the love of God.  Sometimes I think they understand it best.

On Sunday, he will follow Christ in baptism and declare to the world he is marked by the Master. And as a family we will celebrate and affirm his decision to live the rest of his days for an audience of One.  THIS is what being a mom is all about.