This one app you must not touch...

Reluctantly I gave him the iPad while I finished making a world map with his brother.  Some of the apps were downloaded specifically for him. Others belong to his brother and me.  Handing it to him I gave him specific instructions.  "You can play any of your games. But this app here...," I said pointing to the bright orange icon with a funky monkey on it, "you can't touch that one. It's your brother's and you could mess it up."

He is four which means there is little chance my instruction would be taken seriously.

Immediately he burst into tears and lost all self-control.  "But I want to pway DAT one! It's my favewot!" (Despite the fact he had never played it.  And he proceeded to cry, kick and hurl his tiny body onto the floor in a shape that is unnatural. He regained his composure and took the iPad to the sofa to play his games. Or so I thought.  Only a few minutes later did I hear the music to the forbidden app and I knew he had disobeyed. <Cue second fit as I took back the iPad.>

Oh that's lovely.

I was immediately aware of how this small four year old was no different than a bigger forty-four year old.  Quickly my mind referenced Genesis 2:16 when the Lord told Adam he could eat from any tree in the garden...except the one. (I wonder if Adam found himself thinking, "But that's my favorite! I want THAT one!")

You don't have to be a child to act like one.

How often do I have everything I need, and still become unsatisfied and obsessed with what I don't have?  How often do I step outside the boundaries and let my wandering eyes and selfish heart convince me that all God has graciously given me simply isn't enough. I have wonderful spiritual gifts, but sometimes I want someone else's gifts. I have a great home but still I want new furniture and wood floors.  I get to stay home with my kids and I fuss about never having time to myself.

Why do I dare step outside of His will for me and entertain futile thoughts of "If I could just have that one thing...?" Why can't I keep my fingers off the one app that's not mine? The Father has generously given all we need to accomplish His purposes.  We have all the 'apps' we need!

Father, satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love, that I may sing for joy and be glad all of my days.  Psalm 90:14