My Little Coffee Date

Raising four sons keeps me busy. The laundry and meal preparation alone can zap my energy and cause me to start looking ahead, willing time to move faster to a day when I have more time to myself.  I'm not proud of my immaturity from time to time.  I know how futile it is to entertain wishing away days...and how dangerous.

This week my family was in Colorado.  Kid Three went to ski school and my husband joined the teenagers on the slopes.  Since Kid Four is still 3 years old, he was stuck with me.  We had all day to find 'something' to do.  The wind chill was brutal and trying to walk anywhere in clunky snow boots proved to be a challenge for the small guy.

I was surprised at how much fun I had with the tiniest love of my heart.  Without the stage to 'perform' for his brothers and without having to fight for my attention, he was the most delightful of companions on that day. PB&J picnic near the slopes watching skiers, playing in the snow, making brownies for our family to enjoy at dinner, and a fun hot chocolate stop in town while we went in and out of little stores.

Sitting outside letting our faces warm up in the 17* afternoon sun, he leaned over and offered his cup of hot chocolate to toast mine (Where did he learn that?).  We clinked our paper cups and he laughed.  "This is cool" he said with a happy little smile.  Yes it was. The coolest.

At first I felt I might be missing out on all the 'action' of the other kids, zipping down the ski slopes, recounting every run with animation. By the end of the afternoon I realized I couldn't have had a better day. It was a quiet, easy day with a pint sized amazing kid.  And I didn't wish away one minute of it.

How often I overlook the small joys in life because I'm in search of something I perceive to be more exciting. But on that day, my little coffee date reminded me of a valuable lesson.

Father, may you always teach me to find the joy in the small things.