Simple Obsessions

I love toddlers.
They have a mind of their own.
I came across these pictures from a few years ago when Kid Three was borderline obsessed with two things.

1. pockets
2. pretend goggles from his pretend tool set
Pockets - He wanted to wear a jacket with pockets, or jeans with pockets, or a sweatshirt with a front pocket. He would not hold your hand because he was (and I quote) "wuhkin my pockets." Work it, baby. Work it.

Goggles - These stayed on his head. Rarely on his eyes -- and that's probably because they were too smudged from snot... or cereal... or banana... or butter from his toast... or whatever else can be found on a toddler's hands! He kept them on his forehead and protested when I tried to take them off, despite the deep red marks they left above his eyes. He even wore them to the doctor's office. And yes, during naps.


I wish my obsessions were that simple.