An Open Letter to My Dryer

Dear Dryer,

I think it's time we had a talk.  You've been hanging around my laundry room for quite a while, getting all warm and cozy with the washer every Friday night. Lately I've noticed things I don't like. And since I try not to complain about what I tolerate, it's time I confront you.

Let me put it this way...You're in trouble.  I'm thinking of letting you go. 
You used to be so available to me, you were hot and efficient.  Now, you're lazy and bi-polar.  Oh sure, you start right up without a fuss but half the time you don't even get warm, just tumbling my clothes around for 37 minutes without changing anything.  You're like the kid who runs the bathwater but never gets in and then promises his mother he is clean.  You're tricky.  I turned the heat up, thinking you might just be cold.  I know, it's winter and all.  But seriously, you showed me, didn't you?!  Burning your marks on the side of my favorite stretchy pants?  You've caused me to take my weekend grungy/comfortable clothes to a whole new level of tacky.

Dryer, you're wasting space in my utility room.  You look good but you're not effective. You're not consistent and quite frankly, you are doing more harm than good.  That's not why I bought you.  Today I had to load up 5 loads of wet laundry and go the local laundromat. 

There is work to be done and I chose you to do it. But if you won't dry for me, I'll find one that will.  You're not bringing honor to your name, Dryer.

The House Management

Father, may I not be like my fickle dryer!  Lead me to be more effective for your kingdom.  You have given all of us a part in bringing glory to your name.  May I not take that lightly but strive to see Your purpose fulfilled in my life. Amen.

And Lord, if you could heal that dryer that would be just dandy...